Trelli Gate Cape Town:

We are specialist manufacturers of top quality aluminium products including retractable trellis security gates, burglar bars, window sliders etc. We take pride in the fact that we only we manufacture our products from a 6005 high strength aluminium alloy this results in a much stronger and longer lasting products saving you money in the long run.

Trelli Gate Cape Town – Products:

Here is a list of some of the other products we can provide you with:

Retractable gates
Burglar bars
Side and top Hung windows
Sliding patio doors
Single and double glass doors with single or double glass panels
Cottage pane windows and doors
Folding / stacking aluminum doors
Shop fronts

Trelli Gate Cape Town – Gates Specifications:

20mm x 20mm x 2mm aluminium upright
16mm x 3mm aluminium flights (x bracing)
15.5mm solid aluminium drop bolts
Aluminium bottom track
Aluminium lock style
Unique aluminium lock keep
Range of colours (bronze, white, charcoal matt etc)
Slam lock or dead lock

All of the trellis gates in Cape Town’s components, shown above, are manufactured from 6005 high strength aluminium alloy (up to 20% STRONGER than standard aluminium profiles). We also manufacture window “fixtures” and window sliders (window size retractable gates). The “ECONO-BAR” is our cheaper window guard range, yet still aesthetically pleasing, and still extremely strong (Aluminium outer with spine of steel).

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